Reverse Engineering or Whatever.

This blog is a project to provide a way to learn reverse engineering without the hassle of dealing with school and academic programs.  There’s no certificate or diploma from completing anything here just knowledge and some projects you can talk about.  It’s also a way for me to work on honing my skills in the field and communication.

If you want justification as to why you should pay attention to me my best advice is to read what I post and decide for yourself.  If you find mistakes, ways to clarify the material, or want additional explanations feel free to get in touch about it.  Learning is an active process.

All thoughts are my own, unless they are from someone else, then they are theirs.  All information is accurate to the best of my abilities and probably shouldn’t be used for anything.  No warranty is implied or given, no responsibility is taken for results from anything here.  If you feel I have used something that is owned by you and not given proper credit or violated some kind of copyright etc contact me and we can sort it out.



Knowledge is your best friend.  These are the books that I use for the blog.  I found most of them at the library (local and university).  These may not be the best books for you but they work for me.

The C Programming Language – The usual recommendation for learning C.

C++ Primer – The recommendation I got for learning C++.

Reverse Engineering For Beginners – Awesome book about learning reverse engineering.  Even more awesome because its free.

Introduction to 64-Bit Assembly Programming… – Good book on assembly programming and not expensive at all.  I recommend buying from the author directly as you can get the Windows and Linux version for the same price as one off of Amazon.