Perhaps You Had Better Start From The Beginning..

The Beginning:

We can’t make a computer do anything without being able to program.  Specifically C/C++ and Assembly if we are talking about OS exploit development.  Which we are.  I’m going to be working through The C Programming Language and C++ Primer to get up to speed thoroughly in both languages.

The Tools:

You can use whatever tools you want.  If it works for you then go with it.  Here’s what I’m using.

Operating Systems:

Fedora and Arch Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  The latest release of macOS and Windows 10.  Though I do most of my programming in Linux and Windows.  If you want to get really good at Linux admin I recommend Arch.  However I keep Fedora and use it regularly as well because Arch will break on you.  It always does.  A virtual machine with snapshots will make your life 1000 times easier when using Arch.


I tend to stick with Atom and Vim.  I don’t get into using IDE’s much.  I use them when working with languages like Java and Scala, but if I can avoid it I don’t mess with them.  Again if you have one that works for you do what you like.


With the above operating systems you wind up with gcc, clang, mvsc, and nasm.  You may not think this list matters but it does.


The following are miscellaneous tools that I will be using: gdb, binary ninja, x32dbg/x64dbg, Ida Free, Github, and git.  Whatever else comes up I’m sure I’ll mention in the post I use it in.


I’m listening to White Zombie as I write this, which probably dates me pretty well.  I listen to music most of the time I’m working.  Incidentally the title of this post is a quote from a sample from the White Zombie song Electric Head pt 1.




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